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Peanut - In Remebrance

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"In Remembrance"

We kept him until he died...and sat with him during the long,
last minutes when a horse comes closest to seeming human.

C. J. Mullen

Toni -
You had such a good heart and a kind eye.  You took such good care of my daughter Brittney.  You had a heart the size of a Clydesdale.  I’ll always remember that mischievous look in your eye and the flicking of your toes when you trotted away when you managed to escape.  It was great fun for you to play catch me if you can! Your deep throaty nicker greeting when it was feeding time.  You were a patient and loving school pony and brought smiles and joy to so so many children.  No matter how small or timid the child you always made a friend.  Thank-you Peanut, I love you.
No heaven can heaven be, if my horse isn't there to welcome me.
Author Unknown

Cheryl - We were SO sad to hear the news. Kelsea, Braeden, Bob, and I will miss him very much. He was such a cute boy. Braeden and Kelsea will always have fond memories of riding him. I think Braeden will especially remember his last bareback ride on him last week. We love you, Peanut!

Lurene - I was very sad to hear that Peanut has passed!! I will never forget back in 1995, when my daughter Tricia was cleaning the stalls in exchange for riding lessons. I went to pick her up and you were not home at the time. My youngest daughter, Melissa opened the stall and out ran Peanut!! We were in such a panic, it was pouring rain and mud was everywhere, all I could think about was that Peanut would slip or fall and break his leg in all that mud and rain. We were not horse experts and ran around trying to coax her back to the stall but he was having so much fun playing “Catch me if you can” and you could see in his eyes he had no intention of being caught. Finally after about an hour of the three of us girls running and slipping and coming so close to a coronary arrest, Peanut very casually walked right back into his stall (giving us that look of complete satisfaction). When we spoke to you afterward, you advised next time that happened to just shake his bucket with a few oats in it and he would return immediately. Awe, the lessons of life!!

The Schwenks - We will miss peanut!! Scarlet has some wonderful memories riding Peanut.

Anita - So sorry to hear about Peanut. He was such a great pony and I know he will be dearly missed.

Ashley - I am so sad to hear about Peanut!!! Cadence was just asking me to take lessons on him again. He was such a good boy; what a great horse. I am so sorry.

Shannon - I remember one time I was brushing Peanut and the the sprinklers turned on and I ran out of the way (not wanting to get wet) and peanut turned his shaggy head towards me and gave me this look that said, "Why are you going, please come back." Although I was always too big to ride him I have had a ton of memories trying to get all his loose hair to come off him, and of him pulling the lead rope out of my hand to run for grass three feet away.

The Pedersen's - We are so sad to hear of little Peanut's passing.

Caryn & Ellen - Ellen and I are both really sad to hear about Peanut. He was a great character, and Ellen will always remember him as the first pony she learned to ride on. You will miss him so much, as I’m sure the other horses will too.


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